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ftp://surfer.nmr.mgh.harvard.edu/transfer/outgoing/flat/greve/fsaverage_sym.mcc.tar.gz ftp://surfer.nmr.mgh.harvard.edu/transfer/outgoing/flat/greve/mult-comp-cor.tar.gz
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# Untar fsaverage_sym.mcc.tar.gz into $FREESURFER_HOME/average/mult-comp-cor/
cd $FREESURFER_HOME/average/mult-comp-cor/
tar xvfz fsaverage_sym.mcc
# Untar mult-comp-cor.tar.gz into $FREESURFER_HOME/average
tar xvfz

1. Surface-based Interhemispheric Registration

Greve, D.N., Sabuncu, M.R., Shafee, R., Schmansky, N., Buckner, R.L., and Fischl, B. (2011). Automatic surface-based interhemispheric registration with FreeSurfer (Quebec City, Canada: 17th Annual Meeting of the Organization on Human Brain Mapping, June 2011). http://www.nmr.mgh.harvard.edu/martinos/publications/posters/HBM-2011/HBM11-Greve.pdf

1.1. Installation

Note: you only need to do this installation if you have version 5.1 or lower

Download these files


Copy surfreg, xhemireg, mris_preproc into $FREESURFER_HOME/bin Copy mri_convert.linux into $FREESURFER_HOME/bin/mri_convert

# Untar fsaverage_sym.tar.gz into your $SUBJECTS_DIR cd $SUBJECTS_DIR tar xvfz fsaverage_sym.tar.gz

# Untar mult-comp-cor.tar.gz into $FREESURFER_HOME/average cd $FREESURFER_HOME/average tar xvfz mult-comp-cor.tar.gz

# Copy mris_preproc into $FREESURFER_HOME/bin after making a backup To apply an existing atlas (eg, fsaverage_sym) to an anatomical analysis

1.2. Apply an existing atlas (fsaverage_sym)

# Reg to atlas (1-2 hours per subject) # Creates $subject/xhemi # Creates lh.fsaverage_sym.sphere.reg in $subject and $subject/xhemi

foreach subject (subjectlist)
  surfreg --s $subject --t fsaverage_sym --lh
  surfreg --s $subject --t fsaverage_sym --lh --xhemi

# Create a stack of subjects

mris_preproc --target fsaverage_sym --hemi lh 
  --xhemi --paired-diff \
  --srcsurfreg fsaverage_sym.sphere.reg \
  --meas thickness \
  --out lh.lh-rh.thickness.sm00.mgh \
  --s subj1 --s subj2 ...

# Smooth

mris_fwhm --s fsaverage_sym --hemi lh --cortex --smooth-only --fwhm 5\
 --i lh.lh-rh.thickness.sm00.mgh --o lh.lh-rh.thickness.sm05.mgh

# Analyze

mri_glmfit --y lh.lh-rh.thickness.sm05.mgh --glmdir glm.lh.lh-rh.thickness.sm05 \
 --osgm --surf fsaverage_sym lh 

# View

tksurfer fsaverage_sym lh inflated -aparc -overlay glm.lh.lh-rh.thickness.sm05/osgm/sig.mgh

# Correct for MC (need new version of mri_glmfit-sim)

mri_glmfit-sim --glmdir glm.lh.lh-rh.thickness.sm05 \
   --cwpvalthresh .5 --cache 2 abs \
   --subject-override fsaverage

1.3. Build Your Own Atlas

# Create xhemi subject (don't reg, a few minutes to finish)

foreach subject (subjectlist)
  xhemireg --s $subject

# Reg to existing sym atlas # Note: if you want test how symmetrical the atlas is use --lhrh # (but it takes twice as long)

foreach subject (subjectlist)
  surfreg --s $subject --t fsaverage_sym --lh
  surfreg --s $subject --t fsaverage_sym --xhemi --lh

# Make first iteration (<5min)

make_average_subject --out myatlas.i1 \
  --surf-reg fsaverage_sym.sphere.reg \
  --subjects subjectlist \
  --xhemi \
  --no-vol --template-only 

# Reg to first iteration # Note: if you want test the symmetry, use --lhrh

foreach subject (subjectlist)
  surfreg --s $subject --t myatlas.i1 --lh
  surfreg --s $subject --t myatlas.i1 --xhemi --lh

# Make second iteration (<5min)

make_average_subject --out myatlas.i2 \
  --surf-reg myatlas.i1.sphere.reg \
  --subjects subjectlist \
  --xhemi \
  --no-vol --template-only 

# Reg to second iteration. Note: if you want test the symmetry, use --lhrh

foreach subject (subjectlist)
  surfreg --s $subject --t myatlas.i2 --lh
  surfreg --s $subject --t myatlas.i2 --xhemi --lh

# Make final iteration (1-2 hours)

 make_average_subject --out myatlas.i3 \
  --surf-reg myatlas.i2.sphere.reg \
  --subjects subjectlist \
  --xhemi --hemi lh

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